Mecha Fly

 I admit it, I killed a fly yesterday.

I didn't just kill it, I systematically stalked that little bastard after his many attempts to fly up my nose.  He was no match for the fly swatter.

Fast forward a couple of hours to dinnertime.  The spouse and I were sitting down enjoying a lovely dinner when I was attacked again.

Me: OMG that &%$*# fly is back from the grave!!

Spouse: Oh come on, you know that's not possible.

Me: This is the same fly!

Spouse: I never said it wasn't.  But see, all of his little fly brethren put him back together using bio-mechanical engineering.

Me: (long pause)'re telling me there is a bio-mechanical fly engineering plant somewhere in this house?

Spouse: Yes.

Me: And that it can build ultra-intelligent Mecha Flies?

Spouse: Basically.

Me: We're moving.

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