Four Pounds

I couldn't believe it.  I was absolutely amazed (and a little bit offended).  Last Sunday I went upstairs to wash my hair and while the water was warming I stepped on the scale.  It was about what I expected.  No miraculous feats of weight loss or anything.

I assumed the position and bent over the tub, cramming my head under the faucet and washing my hair.  Any of you who follow this blog know that my hair is long, thick, and curly.  Washing it takes about six to ten minutes and drying it can take days if I let it air dry.

So I finished my task and returned to the vanity, twisting the towel around my head, trying absorb as much moisture as I could.  When no more would come out I pulled the towel off.  In so doing, my eyes caught the scale again.

Just out of curiosity I stepped aboard.

My hair, wrung out, held FOUR POUNDS OF WATER!!  Four pounds!  I looked it up, that's just under a half gallon.  Of water.  Being held in my hair!!  Picture a two liter of soda.  That and MORE was in my hair!!

If my hair can hold this capacity while dry I'll have to change my last name to Simpson and carry pencils, lobster claws, and xerox machines in it.

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