Emo Pelicans Eat Rocks

Last week my husband and I make the fifteen mile drive to watch the Arizona Rattlers take on the Spokane Shock (Arizona won, but that’s both not the point AND a subject for another story).

I have no idea how we started talking about it but he started telling me about how on Mythbusters they built a chicken cannon to shoot chickens at a Cessna to try to break their windows.  The first attempt was with a frozen chicken and it blew through not only the windshield, but the seat behind it.  It was then determined that the chicken had to be defrosted for the experiment to be accurate.

He brushed off my complaint about the dangers of handling raw chickens, stating that it had nothing to do with the story (I disagree) and exclaimed triumphantly that the windshield of a Cessna could, indeed, withstand plowing through a bird, since birds aren’t frozen solid while in flight. 

    “What about a pelican?” I questioned.
    “A pelican?” he repeated.  “Pelicans don’t fly when they're frozen.”
    “But what if the pelican had rocks in its pouch?”
    “Pelicans don’t eat rocks,” he sighed.
    A pause.  “Emo pelicans do.”
    “…emo pelicans?” he questioned.
    “Yeah!  You know, the pelicans that are shunned by their kind so they have to hang out on the shore cause they aren’t allowed to fly.  So they amble around eating rocks to survive.  They’re all ‘Woe is me, I have nothing to eat but these rocks.’”

    He blinked several times before turning his attention back to the road.  “You make my brain hurt.”

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