Take It Back

With the holiday season behind us it's time to talk presents.  I had to go to the store just a couple of days after Christmas to pick up a couple of things and I was astounded by the amount of people there returning gifts!  The customer service line practically wrapped around the store.  I can understand a quick exchange if a gift isn't the correct size but I doubt that all of these people were there because what they got didn't fit.  So it got me wondering: exactly what was it that these people were returning? 

I like to think that the gifts i gave weren't returned because not only did I put a lot of thought into them, they were things that I know my friends and family like/wanted/needed.  I don't just pick random gifts and try to match them to recipient later.  So in my (eternally long) trip to the store I started trying to guess what could be in the bags and boxes that people were returning.  The first one I guessed was that of a sweet elderly woman.  I could see her hip granddaughter trying to bring her modest grandma into the modern age.
The poor woman probably suffered a minor stroke.

Then of course there is the young woman standing with who appears to be either her best friend or her sister.  She is obviously fuming and has twice opened the bag she is carrying and glared inside.  My deduction is that she and here boyfriend just spent their first (and likely last) holiday season together.
While in a large line of my own at the checkout I started thinking of other inappropriate gifts.  As a new mom I of course thought of people giving the children of their friends annoying presents.  What parent hasn't let out an audible groan when their son or daughter unwraps a brand new drum set or a tickle me Elmo?
Thankfully that one didn't happen to me this year.

Another opportunity for crummy presents is at a wedding.  Especially if one or both families are against the union.  Then the parents step in with their ill-timed gifts.

While my husband and I didn't get this treatment I can imagine a few couples that I know who would.

And so as to avoid coming off like I believe myself to be perfect I include for your amusement the sort of gift mishap that is my forte. 
My husband is a computer genius as well as a technology buff.  I, on the other hand, am most assuredly not.  While out on my monthly scrounging escapades at the thrift stores I inevitably find something that I think is the coolest thing that he will love only to get it home and have him give me that look.  The one that plainly says "You're not serious, are you?"

Yes my dear, I am indeed serious.

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