Pet Peeves

It starts out normally enough.  You are going about your day in your normal fashion (or perhaps a brand name fashion if it’s a special day) when something happens or you notice something that makes all else fade into the background and all you can focus on is correcting the offense and seeing how many colors you can make someone’s face turn.

Pet peeves. 

They sneak up on you without any notice and are more often than not caused by someone who either doesn’t know better or just doesn’t care.  The latter of which being the people you want to smash under your shoe.  Even worse are the people (usually those closest to you) who think it’s funny to leave that shower curtain open because they KNOW it pisses you off and are looking for a cheap laugh.

Some pet peeves are stranger than others by nature.  Some people can’t stand the sound of people smacking their gum, others hate the sound of Styrofoam being rubbed against itself.  My pet peeves of course are completely rational and normal.

For instance…
What is up with people who insist on standing so close to you in a line that you can feel their breath actually moving your hair??  You take a step forward and they step right with you, well into your personal space.  If I had the ability to transform into a drooling troll-like creature this is definitely one instance where it would come in handy.

 One of my more obscure (yet completely normal and rational, remember) pet peeves is having the toilet paper hanging in the overhand fashion.  It’s supposed to hang down the back!  The back, I say!  I have friends who will hang it overhand and wait for me to go in there because regardless of how bad I need to use the bathroom I will come marching back out, roll in hand, and shout my curses and obscenities.

Then there is the “Double Whammy”.  Two pet peeves for the price of one.  The award for this category goes to my cat.  The little brat knows she isn’t allowed on the kitchen counter yet time and again I’ll catch her up there LICKING PLASTIC BAGS.  The sound of her licking the bag is grating enough but no, it doesn’t end there.  The end comes when I walk into the kitchen and slide in a pile of cat yak with plastic bits mixed in.  GRR

This one is more gross than peev-ish but I include it here anyway.  People who hock loogies and spit in public.  What is that about?  What makes these people think that I want to see the contents of their nose and mouth, let alone hear the sickening splat of it hitting the pavement?  EWW

Another annoyance is when people don’t empty the garbage can, but rather cram it so full that when you open the lid, things ooze out.  It’s not that hard to empty the bin.  It’s even less difficult to say, “Hey, the can’s full, you might want to empty that.”  But no, I walk up to the trash can, so still and seemingly empty, and I can almost see it smiling its encouragement only to open it and be greeted by the smelly garbage beast.

I leave you with one that I believe is shared amongst many of us.  People who say they will be somewhere at a certain time and are ALWAYS LATE.  Not only late, but lacking the courtesy to call and let you know they are running late!

There you have it, my personal list of normal, rational pet peeves.  What are some of yours?

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