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Every website nowadays asks you to created an "About Me" section.  I've done it the old fashioned way ("I like drawing, taking pictures, painting my toenails, and peeling glue off of my fingers!") but it never feels like the paragraph says "ME!".  Especially since I can click on any random person's profile and see the exact same thing worded differently.

So I'm trying something new!  And, quite daring.  To really know a woman is to dig through the junk she keeps in her purse.  So I present, for your amusement (heh, I almost wrote amusal), the contents of my purse:

1) My car keys:  Those weren't actually IN my purse, but I had to use them to get my purse out of the car.  Without my keys, this post wouldn't be possible so I decided to offer them a cameo.

2) Baby Mum-Mum:  My son is addicted to these things so I never leave the house without at least one package in my purse.  They are little, flat rice cake things that are shaped like surf boards.

3) Wallet:  Yep.  It is what it is.  Though, funny side note, I cram so much stuff in there and it hasn't sprung open on its own once!  ...of course, now that I said that it's going to...

4) Tissue:  I had a cold about two and a half weeks ago.  The tissues remain as a reminder.  They also work really good for cleaning up whatever my son wants to throw on the floor of the grocery store.

5) Various lip products:  I can't stand dry lips!!  I always have either Carmex or Softlips with me.  The Abreva is left over from a cold sore I had a few months back.  Yep, that's right.  Months.

6) Receipts:  The husband and I do our big haul grocery shopping every two weeks.  That day was two days ago.  The receipts remain.

7) Notebook:  You never know where inspiration will strike.  Last night one of my besties texted me while she was on the potty because she had a revelation.

8) Little Pill Thingie:  I have no idea where I got this thing.  It's got Advil in it.  It is not foolproof.

9) Cell phone:  Also wasn't in the purse, but was in my hand and as such snuck its way into the photo.  Ninja phone.

10) Travel camera:  I have a really nice camera that my husband and son got me for mother's day to replace this pink one.  I'm scared to lug it around all the time though so this little Samsung Pink Camera Name serves in its place.

11) Tangle:  This is one of my son's toys.  I don't remember how it got put in there but it's saved me from a lot of headaches when no other toys were available so it's earned its spot.  Plus it feels weird.

12) Orbit Wintermint gum:  I buy this stuff in bulk.  It's all over the house.

13) Dream Catcher:  That's not supposed to be in there.  It was given to me by a good friend and hasn't fought its way out yet.

14) Hand Sanitizer:  Don't leave home without it.  Especially useful after thrift store rummaging.

15) iPad Camera Connector:  While technically it could go in my desk, it's always lived in the zipper pocket of  my purse.  I always know where it is and I never have to track it down.

16) Loose change:  Hey, there's some quarters in there!

17) Advil:  Remember the little pill thingy?  It's fired.  These were at the bottom of my purse.  Gross.

18) Blue's Clues sticker:  Was given to my son in November from his doctor.  November.  Man, I need to clean out my purse more.

19) Zofran:  An emetophobe never leaves home without it.

20) A pen and a bubble wand:  The pen is good friends with the notebook.  The bubble wand...how the heck did that get in there??

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the contents of my purse.  Ugh, now I have to put it all back in there the right way...

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